The Returning by Marcus Inkpen

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Returning, a full sim installation at the Linden Endowment of the Arts by the incredibly talented Marcus Inkpen of The Looking Glass (with Sharni Azalee). Marcus has an incredible talent in the use of light in Second Life, no easy task but painstakingly considered and implemented, particularly in his remarkable interior spaces.

Come over and wander the sim while you still can...and find all the mysterious items scattered over the landscape.

Visit at

More photographs can be found in this Flickr set.

Virginia Alone by Bryn Oh

Byrn Oh's latest installation on view at Immersiva and part of the Santa Fe New Media Festival. Virginia Alone is about a woman who is over 80 years old, blind with cataracts and lived alone in a remote farm house in the Canadian countryside.

For more information, visit Bryn Oh's blog.

More photographs from this installation can be found in my Virginia Alone Flickr set at

This work, along with work by fellow Second Life artists  Artistide Despres, Haveit Neox, Tyrehl Byk and Ultraviolet Alter are all being featured in Santa Fe.