Cetus Gallery District...the place to be!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Without question, one of my favourite spots in all of Second Life is the Cetus Gallery District (CGD). The people behind this wonderful place...Xander Ruttan, Tricia Aferdita and their dedicated team of executive volunteers show us all that they truly understand the word "community."

CGD is unquestionably the most vibrant arts and culture community in all of SL. The essence of the district is the wonderful collection of galleries housing works of artists from around the world. Housed in some of the best gallery spaces you will find in the metaverse, Cetus offers patrons of the arts a wide array of fabulous works to view.

And if that wasn't enough...musicians and djs make regular stops at Cetus...in Tricia's Harmony Cafe or in the Community Centre. I have heard...and met...so incredible musicians who understand the word community just as much as the those involved in Cetus.

I strongly encourage everyone to make Cetus a regular destination in their SL travels. Arts and musci events are regularly announced through various groups...or better yet, become a Cetus VIP and get all the information and keep up with all that is going on in this one-of-a-kind neighbourhoods!


Tricia Aferdita said...

Thank you for the nice blog :)