Designing Worlds Visits Al Andalus

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saffia and Elrik visit the remarkable Second Life re-creations of palaces, gardens and mosques of historic Al Andalus and get a tour from community leaders Rose Springvale and Jamie Palisades.

Al Andalus creates some of the most famous palaces, gardens, plazas and great buildings – such as the Great Mosque of Córdoba – of the mediæval kingdom of Granada, where Christians, Jews and Muslims met in an amazing cross-cultural environment. They were joined by Rose Springvale who showed some of the sites … and also explained the philosophy that underlies the creation of Al-Andalus and has guided its development.

Al Andalus part of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS). Other regions include Colonia Nova, Neufreisadt, Alpine Meadow and Locus Amoenus.

I provided photographs of Al Andalus for the show, which can be viewed in a Flickr album.