Prim Perfect 23 On the Newstand

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The latest issue of Prim Perfect magazine is now available. This month's issue features the beautiful historic region of Giverny, one time home of one of the most famous artists in history... Claude Monet.

The magazine features two sims that make up this region; Ville de Giverny, owned by Miss Kaye Robbiani and Giverny owned by Miss Soliel Snook. Two of the most creative people I have met on the grid. They both have a myriad of creations to beautify your home and garden in Second Life. Kaye creates a whole myriad of period furniture, clothing and accessories while Soliel is the owner of Snooks Garden Centre featuring the most beautiful flowers, trees and other garden landcaping items.

The region also features a replica of Claude Monet's home and gardens in Giverny. The village also features a replica of the Hotel Baudy where Monet and his contemporaries often met and socialized.

The Prim Perfect team, led by the intrepid Saffia Widdershins, have once again come together and produced an outstanding issue. I am proud to be on the staff and am inspired by those who toil away beside me, writing, designing and photographing for Second Life's premier home and garden magazine.

This issue also includes a fascinating article on Claude Monet by Miss Scotti Lyle which I highly recommend.

My thanks to Ceejay Writer and Viv Trafalgar for inspiring me throughout this issue. To accompany their writing with my photographs is truly an honour.

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Viv Trafalgar said...

On the contrary, PJ - thank you. You are a fantastic photographer and I'm honored that you walk with us.