Existential Fractals by Piaget Hax at Exposure

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exposure Art Gallery is pleased to welcome artist Piaget Hax to the main floor of the gallery with Existential Fractals.

Join us at Exposure at 2 pm slt on Saturday, May 29, 2010 for the opening of this exhibit. Come meet the artist and other arts patrons while DJ Lynda Ultsch provides her eclectic blend of music.

Many of Piaget's works are inspired by an individual person and represent an eclectic collection works with soul and personality. Stop by and experience this exhibit.

"Often asked to describe my work, I've come to use the term of Existentialist to describe my pieces. How other way would you even go about describing a work that is inspired by the image of a person's personality and the essence of their soul?"

For the past six years, Piaget has been creating these unique and eclectic works of art, most of them created under the "flimsy excuse of being a birthday gift, but really, it's just an excuse to rationalize unbridled creativity."

Stop by and have a look, and maybe you'll just see something in yourself within the infinite depths of Piaget's fractals.

Exposure Art Gallery is located on Tabula Rasa in the heart of Avalon Town. Avalon offers a rich community of artists, builders, retailers and residents. Come to Exposure and than wander the town!

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