2010 Boobiethon Art Auction

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am extremely excited to have been involved in the organization of an art auction in support of the 2010 Boobiethon along with AutopilotPatty Poppy.

For the past few years, the Lady of Skye Eva Bellambi and the Seneschelf Serra Anansi have been raising funds for the Blogger Boobiethon with various fun and exciting events. All funds raised are donated to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.

The auction is a new event this year. I am really pleased at the positive feedback we have received and the number of very talented artists who are donating unique works of art for auction.

The auction will run from October 1st through October 6th on Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne in the family home of Eva Bellambi, Caisteal Teanacadh... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Anodyne/193/216/39 [slurl]

The list of participating artists includes some of Second Life's most talented and creative, individuals including:

  • Gracie Kendal
  • Tricia Aferdita
  • Miso Susanowa
  • Ragamuffin Kips
  • Ichiko Miles
  • Chrome Underwood
  • Fuschia Nightfire
  • Eliza Wierwight
  • Scottius Polke
  • PJ Trenton
  • AutoPilotPatty Poppy
  • Sledge Roffo
  • Monty Streusel
  • GM Nikolaidis
  • Callipygian Christensen
  • Ghosty Kips
  • Gleman Jun
  • Cee Edman
  • Winter Nightfire
  • Weston Graves
There will be an opening party to kick off the art auction, more details to follow. Please show your support for this very worthy cause by bidding in the auction. Separate donations gratefully accepted.

Other SL-based Boobiethon events will also be happening. For more details, see Eva's blog.

Thank you for your support to this very worthy cause!