Ekphrasis: PJ Trenton by Rowan Derryth

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A short documentary produced by Rowan Derryth based on the Ekphrasis piece she wrote about my work on the Prim Perfect blog.

Ekphrasis: PJ Trenton, by Rowan Derryth from Rowan Derryth on Vimeo.

'Ekphrasis' is a regular column written by Rowan Derryth which appears on the Prim Perfect blog, and profiles art and artists in virtual worlds. This film is an adaptation of 'Ekphrasis:PJ Trenton' which appeared on 4 March 2010.

Thanks to Rowan for all of her hard work in creating this really great documentary about my work in Second Life. While I was so impressed with the original Ekphrasis post working on this documentary and seeing the final results really amazed me...even more so as this is her first SL-based video.

I hope everyone enjoys watching this as much as I did getting to work on it.