Hortensia Primm of the Quest for the Golden Prim

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Over the next number of months, readers of the Quest for the Golden Prim will be introduced to the various characters that make up the story.

Our first featured character is Miss Hortensia Primm (played by Frau Annechen Lowey) is governess and tutor to Annabella, and a graduate of Oxbridge University. Once a protege of Professor Sophronia Haddington-Scott, she now oversees the studies of her mentor's daughter, Annabella, while continuing to study the professor's notes that led them on their ill-fated journey.

A new episode of The Quest for the Golden Prim is published in each issue of Primgraph Magazine.

I am pleased to be the photograph and designer of this adventure and thank all of those involved for their cooperation, collaboration and sense of fun as we tell this exciting story to our faithful readers.