Animals in the Scribbled Wild by Scott Rolfe

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here is a totally awesome calendar created by everyone's favourite otter Scottius Polke!

One of the most creative and interesting people I have met in my almost 4 years in Second Life, Mr. Polke's talent seems to know no bounds.

I have been honoured to have him exhibit some of his work at Exposure Art Gallery and of course, some of the neatest places you can find in Second Life, like MUSHroom and Lunamaruna are the results of his boundless creativity.

This gorgeous looking calendar features "scribbles" created by Mister Polke, Scott Rolfe in RL. These were created in Scribbler interactive drawing tool on the web at

For more fabulous art by Scott, visit his blog at

More information about ordering this calendar and/or greeting cards, visit


Scottius said...

Thanks a bunch PJ, both for this very kind blog article as well as your order :)