Primgraph Issue 13 on Newstands!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, The Primgraph has sailed the seas with pirates, soared above both land and sea in airships, and now, in Issue 13, with a very exciting addition to their roster of writers, The Primgraph plunges beneath the waves to encounter mermaids and sundry strange craft that lurk in the deep blue.

The exciting news: Jess Nevins, the author of the seminal Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, and well known for his Concordances to the works of Alan Moore (especially The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and other comic books, joins The Primgraph team to share with us his love of pulp fiction. This issue he explores tales of underwater craft in America, Europe, India and Japan in a fascinating article on The Super-Submarine in Fiction after Verne.

Miss Ceejay Writer explores our chosen stretch of water - The Vernian Sea (and its Deeps) in New Babbage, while Mr Linus Lacombe ventures farther afield in search of some spectacular underwater architecture. Miss Beq Janus discovers what the wonderful troupe of Belly Up Mermaids Dancers have been up to since we last encountered them performing over a year ago.

Another fabulous issue beautifully laid out by the very talented Terry Lightfoot.

This issue also includes the latest episode in the epic adventure, The Quest for the Golden Prim. Find out what is happening with our group of academics, adventurers and villains as they continue their quest in Steelhead.

My thanks to all of our intrepid actors and extras for their great work in helping to bring the Quest for the Golden Prim to life. It is such a fun and creative journey under the direction of our intrepid publisher Saffia Widdershins.

I am so tremendously fortunate to be involved in this epic adventure as photographer and designer and love the challenge of bringing this story to life. Catch up with the characters and story on the Quest blog and read the latest episode in this issue of The Primgraph.

Issue 13 of The Primgraph is available online at