Dared to Drabble

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So I partly blame the resurrection of the blog on those of you out there that keep encouraging me to write something...you know who you are!

So having waxed and polished the blog and started with a few posts...I was challenged! The gauntlet of verbosity was thrown at my feet by none other than Miss Ceejay Writer! She recommended a very interesting and challenging exercise to flex those little grey cells...a drabble!

According to Miss Writer, a drabble is a story in exactly 100 words...no more...no less. She added that she writes them often. She will ask a person to give her three words...the challenge being to incorporate them into the drabble as part of a coherent and readable 100 word story.

Wicked woman that she is...three words slid out of the thrown gauntlet! So you want to be a writer Mr. Trenton? Give me a drabble with the words "naked" "jell-o" and "taint"! "Oh...and it has to be PG-rated...snicker" I gasped...wishing I hadn't earlier joked around about taint! What a cruel task master you are for my first drabble!!! Or are you?

I present PJ Trenton's first drabble...

The last thing he remembered before everything went black was a sense of serene calm. Granted, it had been hectic for so long, that he was starting to worry it would always be thus. It didn’t seem possible that anything could taint this feeling, but a slippery road and a tree had other things to say about it.

Why did he push it so? They would have waited. But not anymore he thought; lying naked, save for the hospital gown. A missed opportunity! Lesson learned, he thought as he contemplated the little green cubes of Jell-O…all that awaited him now.

*Bows and silently pads off*