*eyebrow* on the grid

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The grid sure can offer up some rich fodder for self-amusement...and being the sharing kind, I've decided to share some of the more interesting moments with you the good reader. So for my first *eyebrow on the grid*, I offer you a two for one special!

Babble On 5
I don't know about you, but I find stores in Second Life to be very interesting places to bear witness to the virtual interaction of others. Most of the best *eyebrow* moments visit you simply by being within that magic 19m.

Today's episode is all about the babbler...those little pieces of virtual technology designed and utilized with the best of intentions, but I fear fall far short of facilitating conversation between people who speak different languages. I have no doubt that they help to a certain extent, but not when you, your babbler and your friend already speak the same language!

So I stand in this particular store where a fellow walks by with friend in tow...chattering away in open chat in perfectly good English...soon to be followed by a careful (and exact) translation INTO English by his babbler. I couldn't resist wondering out loud exactly what was being translated, all the while pleased to have TWO lines of text run up my screen for every statement issued.

My dear fellow...I'm sure that valuable attachment point could be used for something much more valuable then your English-to-English babbler...say...oh...I don't know...an evil titler? Ironically I have the perfect one to give you when it offers up the chance...

What's in a Name?
Apparently the sickly smell of rotting and decaying flesh. What's that smell, I wondered, as I continued to shop in the aforementioned store. I glance left...I glance right...I look forward...I look bac...MOTHER OF GOD...you picked Necrophilian for a first name? Niiiiice.

Me thinks you might have limited your options right from Orientation Island. You sir...FAIL!