Vacuum by Kimba Sideways

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I present below the second of Miss Kimba's poems that I read at our recent open poetry night in Avalon Town.

by Kimba Sideways

I woke into a dream, woke up screaming
I was blinded by an ultra-violet beaming
I'm in a cold sweat, shivers running down my spine
I got soaking wet by constant decline

I was haunted by a monster ape
with its constantly changing shape
there was millions of them big and small
leaving no way to escape at all

I'm in a space without room
I'm running down a vacuum
there ain't no easy way out
of the enclosing continuum

I can't speak my mind - there are freaks within me
who are shouting with double intensity
I go to bed, I get attacked
by the friends and foes I never met yet,

yet a true confession is the fear of the fearless
the replacement of the dream of the dreamless
I 'm in a cold sweat, shivers down my spine
I am running faster all the time

I was sitting on a raft made of deadwood
that immediately sank just like lead would
I got a feeling inside that gave me an outside chill
the fish like chew on my spongy mesophyll

this is a true confession of a passionate one
this is the fear of the dreamless
it's the replacement of what has hardly begun
it's the dream of the fearless