Prim Perfect 19 on news stands...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August has also seen the release of issue 19 of Prim Perfect magazine. We visited the fabulous region of Hosoi for this month`s feature articles.

Hosoi ( is comprised of four sims which include an Edo-period Japanese village. The sweeping vistas and attention to detail make the region one my highest recommendations for a serious exploration. Some of the most beautiful images I have yet captured in world are from Hosoi...look for them on Flickr (and in issue 19) over the next little while.

This issue marks two very important points in my affiliation with Prim is the opportunity to have my work featured on the cover and the second was the article which I worked on with Miss Viv Trafalgar...The Way of Hosoi.

While the writing of an article is typically a solitary exercise; generally with little direct interaction between the author and the photographer...this article was a little different. Viv and I walked the sim together, following the paths of Hosoi...I capturing images as Viv composed. All the while, we discussed what we were seeing and experiencing. It was a very interesting and rewarding experience and I send out my sincere thanks to Viv for asking me to join her in the creation of this article.

We both hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did pulling it together.

The full issue is available online at