Primgraph No. 7 Released

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As summer rolls on, it is with great excitement that I advise you of the release of the latest issue of Primgraph Magazine. Issue No. 7 finds us by the Victorian seaside in Caledon. So grab your copy, your bathing costume and venture forth to the seaside for a leisurely read!

I am particularly excited about this issue for a number of reasons. I find myself in the enviable position as a contributor to this fine publication. I am tickled with the cover image they selected that nicely melds the essence of steampunk and Victoriana. Caledon was a beautiful sim to explore and I invite you to share what I experienced through my photography.

I am very pleased with the antique postcards that I created to accompany the fabulous article by Miss Ceejay Writer. When I saw the running list for the issue and specifically Ceejay's article entitled A Holiday at the Victorian Seaside...I was immediately struck with the idea of antique postcards...of which I have a fair number in real life. Those who follow my Flickr photostream will see that I have recently become quite smitten with antique postcards from the virtual world.

Issue 7 is available online in pdf format at Calameo. You can access it by visiting

The issue also features the second installment of The Quest for the Golden Prim! The Quest is a web-based comic shot entirely in Second Life. The story is being written by Miss Saffia Widdershins, Frau Annechen Lowey and Miss Viv Trafalgar, and runs as a continuing serial in each issue of The Primgraph. Armed with the script, I head off with our intrepid actors and actresses and attempt to bring the story to life. It is a tremendous amount of fun and a wonderful challenge that I am savouring with each shoot. I complete the work for each episode by laying it out.

My thanks to all involved in its production and in particular the patience of all of the people who give so much of their time to be part of the story.