Grand Opening of the Au Cafe and Gallery (August 29)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What is the Au Cafe?
The cafe is a place where Alchemy unplugged displays their bizarreness. Whether it is an hour long practice session full of philosophy and madness, or low prim furniture they have created or extraordinary creations that their associates have produced, it's all there, at the Au Cafe (

I am honoured to have been asked to exhibit new Second Life photographic works at Au. I hope you will be able to drop by and see these brand new works which are available for sale.

Events schedule:
11 AM: Au live @ the cafe (there is no better way to kick off a grand opening than with the live music of Alchemy unplugged: aka: Au - Natil has one of the best voices in SL! You just HAVE to have a listen!)
12pm : DJ Lynda @ the cafe (She's hot, she's stylish and she has plenty of good tunes to make you dance)
1pm : DJ Penny @ the cafe (sixties psychedelic, punk, celtic rock and a DJ with mega intelligence... and a quirky sense of humour)
2:30 pm : Au live @ the cafe w/Natil and Daren lookalikes contest with 2700 lindens in prizes (Au madness - what the hell was I thinking?)
3:30 pm : DJ Paulina @ the gallery (Eighties, dance, classic rock - she's half-sweet and half-acid and always READY TO RUMBLE!)
5pm : Au Live @ the gallery (Au smoothness - yaaaaaaaaa)
6pm : DJ Lynda @ the gallery (Groove/Jazz/soul/rock/electro)

Throughout the day : amateur art contest. Submit one piece to either Lynda Ultsch or Natil Flanagan. SL or RL photography, photoshop, paintings, sculptures (low-prim). Prize : 1000 Lindens, plus a wall to expose and sell your creations in the gallery for two months.

Natil's trivia, between 12pm and 2:30pm, where she will hand out various prizes from our sponsors.

Khet tournament, Au blade of your choice to the winner (compliments of Kanto Edges). (if you don't know Khet, it's a board game, very strategic, and rather easy to learn. A board is up in the gallery lobby for those who want to practise. -needs two players-)

Oh! Don't forget to take a stroll through the seasons at the Sound Tree... there are more free gifts there than you can shake a stick at... er, or a branch for that matter.