Vintage Second Life Postcards

Friday, August 21, 2009

I have always loved linen postcards.Those wonderful textured postcards with high contrast, vibrant colours and romantic the National Printing Office in Washington, DC or the Federal Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio...*swoon*!

As I began work photography for The Primgraph No. 7, I was struck by an interesting idea. It came from seeing a proposed article to be written by Miss Ceejay Writer, entitled One Woman's Experience: A Holiday at the Victoria Seaside. I thought how neat it would be to have vintage postcards to accompany the article!

Granted, linen postcards were in their heyday from approximately 1930 to 1945. However, I was still struck by both their obvious vintage feel AND the underlying thought that images from Second Life would be a very interesting subjects to be given this type of treatment. The high contrast gives them their true vintage feel...numbers and titles added for extra "authenticity."

So what began as a few creations for inclusion in The Primgraph has turned into a growing collection of virtual linen postcards. For some of my postcard creations, I invite you to view my vintage postcard set on Flickr.