Days...a poem by Kimba Sideways

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was honoured to be asked by my good friend Kimba Sideways to read two poems which she wrote at our last open poetry night in Avalon. Once a month we all gather at the Speaker's Circle in Avalon to listen to each other read poetry. They could be original compositions, personal favourites by better kn0wn poets or ones that we just feel are fitting either based on the audience or the theme when we have them. Below, I present one of Kimba's poems which I read to the gathered audience...

by Kimba Sideways

It took me hours just to get it right
but only seconds to disappear
I got the feeling I am shouting out as loud as I can
but the silence is all I hear
it is like salt upon my wounded skin
that'll burn me up from inside
it is a fight I could never ever possibly win
like the spark taking on the night

I got my eyes open wide at night
it is darkness I am wrapped in
I simply can't turn from my inner frights
it is my body I am trapped in
I was amused about what's on my mind
implications precisely defined
now I'm confused about the turning in me
'caus the turning in me
was a joke of the killing kind

seem to roll like big waves
now there are standing so still,
I fell under a crazy spell

I got to turn wise before I turn old
I gotta get me a coat before I get a cold
I'm acting funny while I'm out on a limb
now it doesn't seem to matter what I've been told
I had nine lives but I wasted eight
a loss at a heavy rate
No, I can't get out of stormy seas
so am I or am I not the maker of my destiny

high hopes at a high time
It is an urge that makes me want to break a line
sunlight's getting bleaker
shadows getting longer
I'm getting weaker
not stronger
but still there's something that is holding me back
while my head keeps pushing to get rid of that
I'm getting nervous as time's getting tight
I toss and turn I can't sleep at night

up and down like big waves
into a beautiful embrace
deep within I'm in a crazy spin....